Influencer Video App

For video creators with a large following only (50,000+)

How to Increase Your Monetization As a Video Creator

Hello video creator,

You are leaving money on the table if you don’t have this app.

We’ve created an app which can skyrocket🚀 your income with the fanbase you currently have.

We provide an alternative, even a primary, source of monetization for your video content.

You DON’T have to do anything extra!

We will create for you a PREMIUM Google Play and Apple App Store app for free.

App includes:

  1. No Cost to you ✅
  2. Ability to talk directly to your fan base via push notifications FREE (even send them links) ✅
  3. INSANE Monthly Recurring Revenue ✅
  4. App Verified in Google and Apple App Stores ✅
  5. Constant Improvement and Updates to your app FOREVER for FREE ✅

Terms are simple:

All you have to do is create premium content which your fans would love. You don’t have to upload the content anywhere else. We created a system which makes it easy for you.

When you sign up with us you have to commit 12 months of dedication to create premium content, and promote it with your usual content.

You can create whatever premium content you like – Subscribers to your premium content will enjoy seeing things like ‘behind the scenes’ or content deemed ‘too hot’ for YouTube. We suggest adding new premium content once a week to get maximum monetization!

We send you a monthly check from the revenue generated from sales at a 60(you)/40(us) split for the 1st 12 months, then 65(you)/35(us) split going forward.

How much monthly recurring revenue can you make? Check out this satisfied customer.

Case Study #637

To Catch a Cheater has billions of views and millions of followers. Their app has over 200,000 downloads, many of which are subscribers.

“I like the ability to send push notifications to ALL my followers when YouTube doesn’t.” – To Catch a Cheater

If you’re ready to make the most out of your video content, let’s talk!